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Woke My Joke

Comedy Writer Dane Giraud, and Napier Entertainer Robert Rowe take a look at classic film and television to see how it holds up in today's "woke" society.

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Episode Information

Woke My Joke-12-06-2019 - Ep 10
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Woke My Joke-05-06-2019 Ep 09
Beny Hill - Part 2
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Woke My Joke-29-05-2019 Ep 08
Benny Hill Part 1
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Woke My Joke-22-05-2019 Ep 07
Death Wish
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Woke My Joke-15-05-2019 Ep 06
Nice Dreams pt 2 - A continuation of Dane Girard, and Robert Rowe's conversation about Cheech and Chong's "Nice Dreams"!
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Woke My Joke-08-05-2019 Ep 05
Nice Dreams - pt 1 - This week Dane and Rob try to woke the 1981 stoner classic "Nice Dreams" and an icky interactive scene that is likely to have feminists calling for Cheech and Chong's buds... I mean, "heads"!
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Woke My Joke-01-05-2019 Ep 04
Freebie and the Bean
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Woke My Joke-24-04-2019 Ep 03
BOND - Former stick-man James Bond is woke af. So, why is he so f#$king boring? Comedy writer Dane Giraud and co-host Napier Entertainer Robert Rowe deep dive into 007’s history to explore his almost 60 year transformation from spunk to monk!
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Woke My Joke-17-04-2019 Ep 02
THRILLER - Is it still kosher to watch Michael Jackson’s ground-breaking music video for “Thriller”? It’s down to Comedy writer Dane Giraud and Napier entertainer Robert Rowe to save the disgraced King of Pop from being erased from history.
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Woke My Joke-10-04-2019 - Pilot
THE PARTY - Comedy writer Dane Giraud (Find Me A Maori Bride) and co-host Napier Entertainer Robert Rowe kick off “Woke My Joke” with the Herculean task of defending brown-face as they explore the 1968 Blake Edwards comedy “The Party” starring the legendary Peter Sellers as a klutzy Indian actor.
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