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Previous Election Events


Manawatū People’s Radio – Te reo irirangi o ngā tāngata o Manawatū – hosted the “Meet The Candidates” event on Wednesday the 18th of September at the Conference and Function Centre on Main Street, with opportunities to hear from Councillor and Mayoral Candidates in one evening.

MPR liaised with Election NZ and Palmerston North City Council after hearing significant community critisism regarding the lack of such an event which has become traditional in Palmerston North at election time.

Mayoral Candidates were asked questions gathered through social media, email, phone and even letters in the lead up to the event. The Mayoral Candidates' Debate was proudly supported by the Manawatū Standard.

Palmerston North City Council Candidates
Candidate Name Registered Bio MTC Statement
Patrick Handcock Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Atif Rahim Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Lorna Johnson Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Nathan Wilson Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Tangi Utikere Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Renee Dingwall Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Duncan McCann Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Iulian Dianu Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Rachel Bowen Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Latham Lockwood Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Billy Meehan Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Susan Baty Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Andy Asquith Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Lew Findlay Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Karen Naylor Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Bruno Petrenas Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Vaughan Dennison Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Leonie Hapeta Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Marty O'Fee Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Nick Byrnes Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Nola Te Papa Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
David Lane Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Zulfiqar Butt Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Mel Butler Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Brent Barrett Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Pierre Hussein Kikhounga-N'Got Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Aleisha Rutherford Bio AUDIO | VIDEO

Palmerston North Mayoral Candidates
Candidate Name Registered Bio MTC Statement
Grant Smith Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Pierre Hussein Kikhounga-N'Got Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Andy Asquith Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Ross Barber Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Teanau Tuiono Bio AUDIO | VIDEO
Maruna Engu Bio AUDIO | VIDEO


MPR was in attendance for the ENM election series for Horizon Regional Council, and PNCC Candidates.

Monday 9th September 2019 - 12pm-1:30pm
Horizon Regional Council Candidates in Attendance:
Jack Dowds, Fiona Gordon, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Rachel Keedwell, Jono Naylor, and Darrell Cleland

Q1.How do you propose to meet with your Environment Focused constituency?
Q2.Do you believe that the work of ENM conflicts with or compliments the work of Horizons?
Q3.How would you suggest Horizons could optimize the work of Community Groups in the Environment sector?
Q4.What should be included in a climate change strategy?
Q5.Ideally how would you like Horizons to work with Mana Whenua on issues such as air, water and soil quality?
Q6.Given that the Environment and impacts on it are a major part of Horizons responsibilities are you prepared to make what may be controversial decisions in some sectors in order to improve water quality in the various catchments?
Q7.Will you stand up to ensure that compliance is monitored rigorously and that compliance is properly resourced?
Q8.From your point of view, what are the three most important environmental decisions to be made during the next legislature period?

Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th September 2019 - 12pm-1:30pm
PN City Council Candidates in attendance:
David Lane, Mel Butler, Renee Dingwall, Bruno Petrenas, Lathan Lockwood, Zulfiqar Butt, Pat Handcock, Andy Asquith, Nathan Poole, Aleisha Rutherford, Lew Findlay, Brent Barrett, Lorna Johnson, Duncan McCann, Karen Naylor, Hussein Kikohounga-N’got, Rachel Bowen, Vaughan Dennison

Q1. What motivated you to stand for Council ?
Q2. Have you ever made a submission to Council? If so on what subjects?
Q3. What would you envisage as priorities for an ECO City?
Q4. What if any environment related initiatives have you been involved with?
Q5. What environment related action/policy of the Council’s would you be most keen to promote?
Q6. What should be included in a climate change strategy?
Q7. What role can/should community play in improving/regenerating Natural Resources?
Q8. Will you support the protection of council owned green spaces and reserves within town boundaries?
Q9. From your point of view, what are the three most important environmental decisions to be made during the next legislature period?

All events held at Hancock Community House on King St, Palmerston North.

CANDIDATE DEBATE SERIES (Updated 27/08/2019)

MPR and PNCSC teamed up to host a series of PNCC Candidate Debates from the 19th to 23rd of August 2019. These debates were open to all candidates seeking election or re-election to the Palmerston North City Council. Below is the audio for these Debates for the community to make informed decisions during the upcoming local body elections this October.


Monday 19 August  - NEW CANDIDATES
Play / Download Episode
chance to talk about their priorities should they be elected, and debate the importance of each others preferences.
Renee Dingwall, David Lane, and Latham Lockwood.

Tuesday 20 August - Bylaws
Play / Download Episode
Debate the effect of current bylaws, what the candidates would like to see, funding levels, enforcement and efficiencies of a couple of examples (animal and pest control as one option).
Andy Asquith, Brent Barrett, Vaughan Dennison, Lew Findlay, David Lane, and Karen Naylor.

Wednesday 21 August - Housing
Play / Download Episode
Is there a crisis? Should PNCC have a role in addressing the need for social housing? Is the current plan sufficient? What should be done by local government?
Andy Asquith, Susan Baty, Zulfiqar Butt, Nick Byrnes, Vaughan Dennison, Renee Dingwall, Maruna Engu, Latham Lockwood, and Karen Naylor.

Thursday 22 August - The Economy
Play / Download Episode
PNCCs role currently, changes suggested? The future? (and the price of a focus on economic matters on our most vulnerable).
Brent Barrett, Susan Baty, Rachel Bowen, Nick Byrnes, Maruna Engu, Lew Findlay, Lorna Johnson, David Lane, and Karen Naylor.

Friday 23 August - COMMUNITY
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Building a strong and connected community. The candidates interpretation of “Strong and Connected”, PNCCs role, where it is doing well, where it isn’t.
Andy Asquith, Zulfiqar Butt, Renee Dingwall, Maruna Engu, Lorna Johnson, and Tangi Utikere.


Please note: OnDemand/Podcast Audio Available until Friday October 11th 2019at 5pm.