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Elections 2019

MPR - Manawatu People's Radio are excited to offer the following opportunities for candidates during the
2019 Local Body Elections


Opportunity 1

Every candidate in the upcoming local body elections (PNCC, MCD, Horizons and DHB) is invited to produce a 5 minute audio statement for broadcast and podcast on MPR.

This statement is an opportunity to elaborate on your written statement included in voting packs, outlining areas of personal focus, and / or allowing voters to hear more about you, and hear the passion or conviction you have for particular issues.

Your audio statement can be recorded on site at MPR, or on location (circumstances permitting, such as wind, traffic or other ambient noise).

MPR will ensure equality in broadcasts, with each statement getting the same number of broadcasts in the schedule.

Podcast versions of all statements will be located on the website, and via third party podcast sites including iTunes, with the ability to share a link to individual ones.

MPR will regularly publicise the page where statements are located.

Recordings can occur anytime, but broadcast and podcast availability will be restricted to the period 19 August – 11 October 2019.

The cost: $200 + GST.

Contact for bookings or further enquiry.


Opportunity 2 - CANDIDATE DEBATE SERIES (Updated 15/08/2019)

MPR and PNCSC are excited to offer a collaborative opportunity to PNCC Candidates in the form of a debate series between the 19th and 23rd of August 2019.

All PNCC candidates are eligible to express interest in debating two topics each. This allows personal prioritisation and a variety of candidates at each debate.

Each debate will be an hour in duration, facilitated by Fraser Greig of MPR.

For your reference, all debates will be held at Hancock Community House - times and topics are confirmed as:

Monday 19 August  - 11am-12pm
New Candidates Only: A
chance to talk about their priorities should they be elected, and debate the importance of each others preferences.

Tuesday 20 August - 5pm-6pm
Debate the effect of current bylaws, what the candidates would like to see, funding levels, enforcement and efficiencies of a couple of examples (animal and pest control as one option).

Wednesday 21 August - 11am-12pm

Is there a crisis? Should PNCC have a role in addressing the need for social housing? Is the current plan sufficient? What should be done by local government?

Thursday 22 August - 5pm-6pm

The Economy.
PNCCs role currently, changes suggested? The future? (and the price of a focus on economic matters on our most vulnerable).

Friday 23 August - 1pm-2pm

Building a strong and connected community. The candidates interpretation of “Strong and Connected”, PNCCs role, where it is doing well, where it isn’t.

Please consider the above briefs as starting points for each debate. Every candidate will be given 1-2minutes (depending on the number present) to state a summary position on the theme. From there, discussion will be opened up, facilitated by Fraser Greig, station manager of MPR.

Please note: Each candidate my attend a maximum of 3 debates in the series, with Monday’s debate further limited to new candidates only. Current councillors may choose from the remaining 4.

A publicized schedule of broadcast times and podcast links of debates will be available in late August / early September.

For more information or to register interest, please contact